Compared to some companies, we are not new to the business.  Ask around and you'll quickly find that Vivid Cash and Vivid Entertainment are some of the most respected companies in the adult industry.  Most companies are focused on earning a quick dollar by screwing their customers and ruining their long term chance of success however at Vivid Cash, retaining members is our primary focus.

Checks are mailed no later than 10 days following the close of each pay period.
Stats can be checked by logging into your account and clicking the link to Stats on the main page. All stats are in real-time. No Delays in accessing your stats/signups.
Yes, you can have unlimited campaigns to better track your marketing efforts.
Yes, you promote all of our websites on one account.
Yes, and we recommend putting up numerous banners for any of our web sites. The more banners you put up the more money you make! You can use the same link code on as many sites as you would like. The link code can be found in the 'Marketing Tools' section, under the appropriate site name.
Yes, we offer an extensive variety of marketing tools for each of our websites. We have full page, half page, and every other standard and odd size. If you have a special requirement, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with something custom to fit your needs.
You can update your account information by clicking on the link to Account Options in the top right corner. You are able to change contact and payment information. However, if you need to change your tax id or SS number, you have to open a new account in order to avoid accounting problems at the end of the year when sending out 1099's.
You may promote us with any legal means available to promote our products. We happily accept traffic from SEM, SEO, Blogs, TGPS/MPGS, Tube Sites, FREE sites, review sites, traffic brokers, newsletters, forums, members areas, social media sites.
We allow you to mail our sites using legal methods with your opt-in email lists, however, please contact us for approval.
Due to variations in mail, Vivid Cash cannot guarantee that your check will always arrive within an expected period. For U.S. webmasters we ask that you wait at least 25 days after your check has been sent before asking for a reissued check. For International webmasters we ask that you wait at least 40 days before asking for a reissued check. In all cases where a check needs to be reissued due to misinformation there will be a $50 Stop Payment Fee deducted from the amount. Vivid Cash will not reissue checks that are more then 6 months old. Please keep in mind that you have to earn a minimum of $50.00 to receive a check. For any inquiries regarding payment please contact us.
You can retrieve your password/user by contacting us. Be sure to include your name, the e-mail address used to create your account and/or your ID number (if you have it).
YES we will provide you with all the tools needed to promote our sites. If you would like to make any banner artwork yourself please feel free to do so. However, we would like to verify artwork before it is used.
No, we do not permit the practice of buying domains using our brand names.
We pay you for every paid sign-up to our sites made through your account, minus deductions for charge-backs, credits, invalid transactions or other fraudulent activity. For rev-share programs we also deduct credit card processing fees. You are paid for every valid ACH/check sign-up. Non-valid or voided ACH/check sign-ups will be deducted.


Do you have still have a few questions about how things work? Feel free to email us regarding any questions or concerns you might have!
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